+ What does it cost to hire a trailer from Newlands Trailer Hire?

+ What is minimum hire period?

+ What colours are Newlands Trailers available in?

+ Where are we located?

+ What is the business hours?

+ How does our Insurance work?

+ Do I have to sign an agreement when I rent a trailer?

+ What else do we require?

+ Can I use a trailer hired from Newlands Trailers outside Gauteng?

+ What are my payment options?

+ How much can I load in a Newlands Trailer?

+ Do I need a tow bar?

+ Where can I get a tow bar fitted?

+ What is the size of tow bar ball hitch that Newlands Trailers have?

+ What happens if I have an accident?

+ What happens if the trailer breaks down?

+ What happens if I return the Newlands Trailer late?

+ Do all Newlands Trailers come with a spare tyre?

+ What is the stud pattern on the wheels?

+ What types of electrical plugs do our Newlands Trailers have?

+ How old do you need to be to rent a Newlands Trailer?

+ Do your trailers have brakes?

+ Do I need a specific Driver’s license to tow a trailer from Newlands Trailers?

+ Are there restrictions on the types of surfaces or roads I can take a rented Newlands Trailer?

+ How does having a Newlands Trailer impact me on Toll Roads?

+ What should I do if I see another Newlands Trailer?

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